Submitting genome assemblies including metagenomes

Genome assemblies including metagenomes can be submitted to the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) through interactive Webin or programmatic Webin submission services. Both services support submission of large number of assemblies.

Account registration

New submitters are required to registed a Webin submission account ... more information.

Submission process

A genome assembly submission consists of:

  1. Project (Study) registration (Mandatory) using Interactive Webin (instructions) or Programmatic Webin (instructions)
  2. Sample registration (Mandatory) using Interactive Webin (instructions), Programmatic Webin (instructions) or BioSamples
  3. Prepare raw read files and upload them (Recommended)
  4. Prepare assembly files and upload them (Mandatory)
  5. After uploading files use Interactive Webin or Programmatic Webin to submit your assembly.

Please refer to ENA Training Modules for more details about how to submit to ENA including updates.

For any questions, please contact

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