Submitting and updating data

We offer a number of services through which data (including updates) can be submitted to the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA). These technologies provide options appropriate for the scale and frequency of submission, the expertise and capacity of the submitter and the nature of the data to be transferred. The choices below lead users most directly to the appropriate submission route.


Submit to ENA


Request support


Programmatic submissions

Most types of metadata submissions can also be made programmatically. Read more in the Programmatic Submission Documentation.

Study updates

Study updates can be made through Webin or programmatically.

Sample updates

Sample updates can be made through Webin or programmatically.

Assembly updates

To update an assembly, resubmit it using the same name, study accession, and sample accession. This will be recognised as an update, rather than a new submission.

All assembly submissions, whether new or update, should go through Webin-CLI.

Assembled sequence updates

Updates to assembled sequences must be completed by an ENA Curator and can be requested via email to

Please note that these updates cannot usually be reached within two months.