ENA provides public access to several software components to assist users in submitting data. The flat file validator is available as a stand alone tool, while the Webin data streamer and CRAM toolkit are available as public projects allowing access to source code.

General project structure

ENA public software is distributed under Apache License Version 2.0 through GitHub.  All ENA projects follow the same general project structure:

Directory/File Description
.settings Eclipse project settings.
build/build.xml Ant build file.
lib External library dependencies.
src/main/java Java source files.
src/main/resource Resource files.
src/test/java Java unit test files.
.classpath Eclipse classpath settings.
.gitignore Files ignored by git.
.project Eclipse project description.
<project>-<version>.jar Output JAR file.
build.number Build number.
version.number Version number.

Latest ENA news

27 Jun 2018: ENA Sequence Retrieval Day

European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) is organising a ENA sequence retrieval day on the 10-10-2018 to introduce users to powerful search, retrieval and downloads methods.