REST URLs for using the taxon portal

The taxonomy portal is displayed on the ENA Browser taxonomy page in the Portal tab (e.g. content of the taxonomy portal table can also be retrieved in a text format: e.g.

To retrieve records associated with a taxon identifier please use the following URL syntax:<taxon identifier>&result=<result>[&subtree=true][Pagination options][Display options][Download options]

Taxonomy results

The following results are supported:

Result Description
sequence_release Nucleotide Sequences (Release)
sequence_update Nucleotide Sequences (Update)
coding_release Protein-coding sequences (Release)
coding_update Protein-coding sequences (Update)
noncoding_release Non-coding sequences (Release)
noncoding_update Non-coding sequences (Update)
sample Samples
study Studies
analysis Nucleotide sequence analyses
analysis_study Nucleotide sequence analyses (grouped by study)
read_run Raw reads
read_experiment Raw reads (grouped by experiment)
read_study Raw reads (grouped by study)
read_trace Capillary Traces in Trace Archive


The first thousand CDS records from the latest release associated with Taxon:9606 are returned in text format using the following URL:

The following thousand CDS records from the latest release can be returned using the following URL:

By default only the records directly associated with the <taxon identifier> are returned. All records associated with the taxon and any of its subspecies or strains can be returned by setting the subtree option to true.