Accessing ENA content programmatically

These pages describe the ENA Browser REST URL syntax for programmatic users. The majority of ENA data classes and formats are supported by the ENA Browser. Full details about ENA data classes and formats are available here.


Both free text and advanced search can be accessed via REST URLs. These provide access to the complete functionality of ENA's advanced search as well as allowing users to download all data objects that match a given search.

Sequence similarity search

EBI's central NCBI BLAST service can be accessed via REST and SOAP. For assistance matching options to those provided at ENA's sequence search, please contact us via the support form

Data retrieval

The main programmatic interface for accessing ENA data is through the ENA Browser. The ENA Browser is designed to be accessed through REST URLs for easy programmatic access to retrieve data and metadata in a variety of formats. The Taxon portal also has additional options to allow retrieval of all ENA data based on taxonomic classification.