WGS submission policy

Although named after whole genome shotgun sequence studies, the WGS dataclass is used generally for the representation of genomic contigs.

Treatment of WGS entries differs from normal assembled and annotated sequence entries in these ways:

  1. WGS data are expected to represent a transitory view of assembly data in a given state; sequence updates are made by suppressing the whole set and creating a new one with no tracking made between entries of each release.
  2. Due to the temporary nature, UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot may exclude translations of WGS annotation from its database.
  3. WGS master entries are created to gather together the set of entries, such asĀ CABT00000000.

For details of how to submit genome assembly data, please refer to the genome assembly submissions documentation.

Latest ENA news

01 Jul 2015: ENA release 124
Release 124 of ENA's assembled/annotated sequences now available

20 Jun 2015: Sample Checklist Updates - June 2015
ENA are planning to update several sample metadata reporting checklists. Some of these changes have been carried out for harmonisation of attributes/fields between various checklist. Other changes were made to allow a standardised missing/null value reporting. All changes will come into effect as of 3rd August 2015.

03 Jun 2015: Changes to read data submission services 1st of October 2015
ENA will make a number of changes to submission services for raw sequence read data on first of October 2015. We continue to track an ever evolving landscape of available and preferred formats and introduce these changes with a view to overall simplification of the submission system to allow us to provide a more efficient service with faster turnaround.