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You have been redirected to this page because we have discontinued the link to the submission system you have used in the past. Please check our pre-formatted checklist system for submitting assembled and annotated sequences to select a checklist suitable for your sequence type. Alternatively, if you can create ENA supported flat files you can upload them directly to ENA.

For more information on available checklists please visit here.

For details on how to create flat files see here and to see examples of flat file 'templates' for various sequences types to be uploaded to ENA please see here.

To register a submission account and submit assembled/annotated sequences please go to:

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Latest ENA News

9 Dec 2014: ENA Release 122
Release 122 of ENA's assembled/annotated sequences is now available.

12 Nov 2014: Simplification of data release procedures
The European Nucleotide Archive will couple the public release of sequence records and the release of study records that contain these sequence records, with immediate effect.

11 Nov 2014: ENA/EMG Sample Record Annotation Workshop
European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) and EBI Metagenomics Portal (EMG), are organising the ENA/EMG Sample Record Annotation Workshop on the 1-5 December 2014 to enrich the environmental sample records.

24 Sep 2014: ENA Release 121
Release 121 of ENA's assembled/annotated sequences now available.

20 Aug 2014: Read data through Globus GridFTP
Read data can now be downloaded using Globus GridFTP through ebi#ena Globus Online public endpoint.