Genome Standards Consortium

The Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC) is an initiative of experts building or using genome collections and developing standards for harmonised metadata collection and analysis efforts across the wider genomics community. The GSC supports a range of projects spanning sequencing projects, development of ontologies, metadata standards, software tools or data formats.

Minimum information about any (x) nucleotide sequence (MIxS, Yilmaz et al, 2011) is the core GSC standard consisting of checklists for describing genomes (MIGS), metagenomes (MIMS) and marker sequences (MIMARKS).


The European Nucleotide Archive collaborates with the GSC on adoption of the MIxS standards for sequence data submissions and develops submission tools allowing deposition of MIxS-compliant data.

More information on the MIxS checklists together with instructions on MIGS, MIMS and MIMARKS data submission to the ENA can be foundĀ here.