Definition in vivo molecule type of sequence
Value Format
"genomic DNA", "genomic RNA", "mRNA", "tRNA", "rRNA", "other
RNA", "other DNA", "transcribed RNA", "viral cRNA", "unassigned
DNA", "unassigned RNA"
Example /mol_type="genomic DNA"
Comment all values refer to the in vivo or synthetic molecule for primary entries and the hypothetical molecule in Third Party Annotation entries; the value "genomic DNA" does not imply that the molecule is nuclear (e.g. organelle and plasmid DNA should be described using "genomic DNA"); ribosomal RNA genes should be described using "genomic DNA"; "rRNA" should only be used if the ribosomal RNA molecule itself has been sequenced; /mol_type is mandatory on every source feature key; all /mol_type values within one entry/record must be the same; values "other RNA" and "other DNA" should be applied to synthetic molecules, values "unassigned DNA", "unassigned RNA" should be applied where in vivo molecule is unknown Please also visit: http://www.insdc.org/controlled-vocabulary-moltype-qualifier