Tilt pair validation server

Welcome to the PDBe tilt pair validation server!

Tilt-pair validation analysis (Rosenthal and Henderson, 2003) can be used to assess the accuracy of initial angle assignment in single-particle processing. To perform this analysis you need to collect two corresponding sets of particle images - one untilted and the other tilted, then upload the stacks of images along with a 3D reconstruction based on the untilted images. This server is based on the Tilt-pair server developed at MRC National Institute for Medical Research (Wasilewski and Rosenthal, 2014), and we thank Sebastian Wasilewski and Peter Rosenthal for their help in developing and testing the current server.
You may upload map files in MRC or CCP4 format, and parameter files (containing Euler angles for individual particles) in Spider or Frealign format. We have some test data sets that you can use to try out the service here. We are still developing the server and appreciate your feedback!

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