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EGAO00000000078 RTL

This data provider is associated with 9 studies:

Study Accessionsort descending Title
EGAS00001000299 Integrative analysis of small cell lung cancer
EGAS00001000647 A Genomics-Based Classification of Human Lung Tumors
EGAS00001000650 Frequent mutations in chromatin-remodelling genes in pulmonary carcinoids
EGAS00001000653 CD74-NRG1 fusions in lung adenocarcinoma
EGAS00001000659 Identification of novel fusion genes in lung cancer using breakpoint assembly of transcriptome sequencing data
EGAS00001000925 Comprehensive genomic profiles of small cell lung cancer
EGAS00001002115 MYC drives progression of small cell lung cancer to a variant neuroendocrine subtype with vulnerability to Aurora kinase inhibition
EGAS00001002335 Drugging the catalytically inactive state of RET kinase in RET-rearranged tumors.
EGAS00001002588 Systematic kinase inhibitor profiling identifies CDK9 as a synthetic lethal target in NUT midline carcinoma