This data provider is associated with 82 studies:

Study Accessionsort descending Title
EGAS00001000900 Epigenomic and Genomic Correlates of Aggression in Curable Prostate Cancer
EGAS00001000902 Metastatic Breast Cancer Whole Genome
EGAS00001000950 Whole exome and transcriptome sequencing of biliary tract cancer
EGAS00001001052 Skin Adenocarcinoma Genome Sequencing
EGAS00001001059 Cell lines with telomere fusion induced rearrangements
EGAS00001001139 Whole genome and RNA sequencing of paediatric glioblastoma in the ICGC PedBrain project
EGAS00001001155 Anaplastic Meningioma V3 cancer gene panel
EGAS00001001158 Leeds Melanoma Cohort
EGAS00001001178 560 whole-genome sequenced breast cancers
EGAS00001001195 ICGC Breast Cancer Project
EGAS00001001299 Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis to Relapse study samples
EGAS00001001306 Integrated Genomic Analysis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia
EGAS00001001394 Genome wide identification of distinct miRNA-mRNA target regulation pairs in Non-Hodgkin lymphomas: a report from the ICGC MMML-Seq consortium
EGAS00001001431 Breast Cancer - Subtype defined by an amplification of the HER2 gene
EGAS00001001475 71 Whole-exome sequencing of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma on Chinese Patients