This data provider is associated with 99 studies:

Study Accessionsort descending Title
EGAS00001000175 PMF Exome Study
EGAS00001000176 FRCC Exome sequencing
EGAS00001000177 Meningioma Exome
EGAS00001000178 Cell Line Sub Clone Rearrangement Screen
EGAS00001000179 Renal Matched Pair Cell Line Exome Sequencing
EGAS00001000194 Radiotherapy induced Sarcoma exome
EGAS00001000195 Breast Cancer Somatic Genetics Study
EGAS00001000198 Myeloproliferative Disorder Sequencing
EGAS00001000206 Cancer Exome Resequencing
EGAS00001000211 Breast Cancer Exome Sequencing
EGAS00001000215 ICGC PedBrain: Deep-sequencing of childhood brain tumors.
EGAS00001000262 ICGC Prostate Cancer Whole Genome Sequencing
EGAS00001000266 Exome sequencing of patients with Ewings sarcoma
EGAS00001000273 Stratifying and Targeting Pediatric Medulloblastoma through Genomics
EGAS00001000277 Chondrosarcoma Targeted Sequencing Study