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EGAS00001002496 H3K27ac ChIP-seq in TMPRSS2:ERG positive and negative prostate cancer tissue samples
EGAS00001002422 The genomic landscape of germinal center derived B-cell lymphomas other than follicular, diffuse-large B-cell and Burkitt lymphom
EGAS00001002408 Whole Genome Sequencing of Liver Cancers
EGAS00001002404 Comprehensive investigation of genome architecture of gastric adenocarcinoma with whole-genome sequencing in the Chinese population.
EGAS00001002402 Comprehensive investigation of genome architecture of papillary thyroid cancer with whole-exon sequencing in the Chinese population.
EGAS00001002398 WGS of NKTLs for ICGC
EGAS00001002352 There are 80 Brain cancer cases in this study and belong to GBM-CN project.
EGAS00001002331 160 WES and 25 WGS for HBV related HCC, and 15 WES for ICC belongs LICA-CN.
EGAS00001002300 LICA-CN project - 116 liver cancer cases
EGAS00001002271 Integrative analysis of whole genome sequencing, RNA sequencing and methylome array of 20 carcinosarcomas.
EGAS00001002218 The Landscape of Genetic Alterations in Hepatocellular Carcinoma, 88 matched HCC tumour/normal pairs WGS belongs to ICGC LICA-CN project
EGAS00001002199 The genomic landscape of follicular and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
EGAS00001002198 The genomic landscape of Burkitt Lymphoma
EGAS00001002176 The aim of this project is to identify, on 15 French Caucasian and 10 African-Caribbean men, through an integrative approach of DNA sequencing and transciptomic analyses, relevant genomic events that characterize or allow targeting the various phenotypes of aggressiveness of early stages of prostate cancer.
EGAS00001002092 The ICGC-TCGA DREAM Somatic Mutation Calling - Tumour Heterogeneity Challenge