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EGAO00000000008 MalariaGEN
MalariaGEN is a global malaria research network with partners in 20 countries, including Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. The aim of MalariaGEN is to bring together expert scientists to explore and identify critical mechanisms of protective immunity against malaria which could lead to successful malaria vaccine development.

This data provider is associated with 5 studies:

Study Accession Titlesort descending
EGAS00000000087 Genome wide association study of severe malaria in Gambian mother-father-child trios
EGAS00000000088 Genome wide association study of severe malaria in Ghanain mother-farther-child trios
EGAS00001001311 Genome wide study of resistance to severe malaria in eleven worldwide populations
EGAS00001000807 Imputation-Based Meta-Analysis of Severe Malaria in Three African Populations
EGAS00000000026 MalariaGEN case-control study in the Gambia