This data provider is associated with 192 studies:

Study Accession Titlesort descending
EGAS00001001968 Metastatic Breast Cancer Validation
EGAS00001000902 Metastatic Breast Cancer Whole Genome
EGAS00001000180 Mixed Leukemia Rearrangement Screen
EGAS00001000292 Molecular characterization of invasive lobular carcinoma
EGAS00001000165 Monotherapy Breast Cancer
EGAS00001000613 Mosaic Colorectal Metastasis
EGAS00001000663 MPN mutation order followup
EGAS00001000765 MPN TGS2 Follow up PT1 Vori other
EGAS00001000004 Multifocal Breast Project
EGAS00001000333 Multiple Malignancy Familial Comparison
EGAS00001001299 Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis to Relapse study samples
EGAS00001000891 Multisite Primary Breast Cancer
EGAS00001001171 Mutational Analysis of Colorectal PDX models
EGAS00001000651 Mutational Signatures of relapse in rectal cancer FFPE samples in the CR07 clinical trial
EGAS00001000743 Myeloma Follow up Pilot