This data provider is associated with 192 studies:

Study Accession Titlesort descending
EGAS00001000332 Helleday HRAS Project
EGAS00001001129 IBDCA Edinburgh
EGAS00001001195 ICGC Breast Cancer Project
EGAS00001000220 Identifying Novel Fusion Genes in Myeloma
EGAS00001001971 In Situ Transcription whole genome sequencing
EGAS00001000858 Integrative genome profiling in AML
EGAS00001000036 Integrative Oncogenomics of Multiple Myeloma
EGAS00001000243 Integrative Oncogenomics of multiple myeloma
EGAS00001000244 Integrative Oncogenomics of multiple myeloma
EGAS00001000032 Kaposi sarcoma exome
EGAS00001001158 Leeds Melanoma Cohort
EGAS00001000148 Lung Cancer Whole Genomes
EGAS00001000436 Lung Multi site Targeted Sequence Capture
EGAS00001000289 Lung Plasma rearrangement screen
EGAS00001000837 Lung Progression versus Regression Whole Genome Sequencing