This data provider is associated with 184 studies:

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EGAS00001000095 Renal Follow Up Series
EGAS00001000179 Renal Matched Pair Cell Line Exome Sequencing
EGAS00001001304 Resistance to MAPK inhibitor induces internal duplication in BRAF
EGAS00001000310 RNA sequencing
EGAS00001000813 RNAseq Discovery of resistance mechanisms to the BRAF inhibitor vemurafenib in metastatic BRAF mutant melanoma
EGAS00001000267 RNAseq of patients with Ewings sarcoma
EGAS00001000230 RNAseq Pulldown
EGAS00001000009 SCLC
EGAS00001000035 Sequencing Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
EGAS00001000264 Shwachman Diamond syndrome SDS Exome sequencing
EGAS00001000435 Single Cell Targeted Sequence Capture
EGAS00001001239 Somatic Variation in Humans Adrenal Gland
EGAS00001000840 Spatial and temporal diversity in genomic instability processes define early stage lung cancer evolution.
EGAS00001000728 SPECTA NGS Screening Program for Efficient Clinical Trial Access
EGAS00001000139 Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma with villous lymphocytes exome sequencing