This data provider is associated with 188 studies:

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EGAS00001001261 Colorectal Adenoma Gene Screen
EGAS00001001218 Validation for human early embryonic substitutions
EGAS00001001195 ICGC Breast Cancer Project
EGAS00001001173 Reference DNA standards for GCLP pipeline
EGAS00001001171 Mutational Analysis of Colorectal PDX models
EGAS00001001158 Leeds Melanoma Cohort
EGAS00001001155 Anaplastic Meningioma V3 cancer gene panel
EGAS00001001129 IBDCA Edinburgh
EGAS00001001095 NGS based viability screening using haploid cell line
EGAS00001001060 CRISPR screen M14 NCI H3122
EGAS00001001059 Cell lines with telomere fusion induced rearrangements
EGAS00001000985 RNAseq Colorectal organoids and tumoroids
EGAS00001000979 Pulldown DNA methylation study v2
EGAS00001000978 Cancer Cell Line Exome Sequencing
EGAS00001000968 Origins and functional consequence of somatic mitochondrial DNA mutations