This data provider is associated with 192 studies:

Study Accessionsort ascending Title
EGAS00001000692 FFPE CPA Accreditation Study Part 2
EGAS00001000663 MPN mutation order followup
EGAS00001000655 Combination therapies for personalized cancer medicine
EGAS00001000651 Mutational Signatures of relapse in rectal cancer FFPE samples in the CR07 clinical trial
EGAS00001000649 GEL WGS Comparison
EGAS00001000648 FinHer Breast Cancer Study
EGAS00001000616 BIG MS Pilot
EGAS00001000613 Mosaic Colorectal Metastasis
EGAS00001000612 PLCRC study
EGAS00001000606 Pseudogene RNAseq
EGAS00001000603 Use of Deep Sequencing to Dectect Clonal Mutations In Sun Exposed Skin Epidermis PART2
EGAS00001000596 Breast Cancer Sequential Sampling Targeted Capture
EGAS00001000587 Epi Tax targeted sequencing
EGAS00001000570 Targeted sequencing of genes recurrently mutated in AML part2
EGAS00001000551 Discovery of resistance mechanisms to the BRAF inhibitor vemurafenib in metastatic BRAF mutant melanoma