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EGAS00001000955 EBV AID project
EGAS00001000946 Mechanisms of patient response to Dabrafenib in Melanoma
EGAS00001000934 PREDICT Whole Genomes
EGAS00001000902 Metastatic Breast Cancer Whole Genome
EGAS00001000891 Multisite Primary Breast Cancer
EGAS00001000881 Colorectal organoids and tumour tissue
EGAS00001000880 Myeloma Targeted Follow up Study
EGAS00001000879 Prognostic factors in prostate cancer deep sequencing pilot project TAPG
EGAS00001000872 Chugai colorectal organoid sequencing
EGAS00001000869 Colorectal organoids and tumoroids pulldown
EGAS00001000860 Use of deep sequencing to detect clonal mutations in sun exposed human epidermis whole genome
EGAS00001000859 Anaplastic Meningioma WGS X10
EGAS00001000858 Integrative genome profiling in AML
EGAS00001000857 Deep sequencing of melanoma for driver mutations
EGAS00001000851 Primary angiosarcoma Whole Genome Sequencing