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EGAO00000000002 BCGSC
The mandate of the Genome Sciences Centre at BCCA is to advance knowledge about cancer and other diseases, to improve human health through disease prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic approaches, and to realize the social and economical benefits of genomics and informatics research

This data provider is associated with 24 studies:

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EGAS00001001000 An RCOR1 loss-associated gene expression signature identifies a prognostically significant DLBCL subgroup
EGAS00000000075 ARID1A Mutations in Endometriosis-Associated Ovarian Carcinomas
EGAS00001001310 Barcoding reveals complex clonal dynamics of de novo transformed human mammary cells
EGAS00001002424 Cell fate mapping of human glioblastoma reveals an invariant stem cell hierarchy pre- and post-treatment
EGAS00001001025 Comprehensive miRNA Sequence Analysis Reveals Survival Differences in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma Patients
EGAS00001001953 Comprehensive molecular profiling identifies novel genetic drivers and subtypes underlying medulloblastoma
EGAS00001000547 Distinct evolutionary trajectories of primary high grade serous ovarian cancers revealed through spatial mutational profiling
EGAS00001000952 Dynamics of genomic clones in breast cancer patient xenografts at single cell resolution
EGAS00000000074 Evolution of an adenomacarcinoma in response to selection by targeted kinase inhibitors
EGAS00000000040 Mutation of FOXL2 in granulosa cell tumors of the ovary
EGAS00000000054 Mutational evolution in a lobular breast tumour profiled at single nucleotide resolution
EGAS00001001386 Novel genes for Intellectual Disability identified using whole genome sequence and pathway analysis
EGAS00001000135 Recurrent somatic DICER1 mutations in non-epithelial ovarian tumors
EGAS00001000554 Recurrent Somatic Mutations of PTPN1 in Primary Mediastinal B cell lymphoma and Hodgkin Lymphoma
EGAS00001000552 Reference epigenomes generated as part of the International Human Epigenomics Consortium (IHEC)