Data Access Committees

For each dataset that requires access control, there is a corresponding Data Access Committee (DAC) who determine access permissions. Data access is not the responsibility of the EGA. The pages describing each DAC includes contact details or links to an external website, where you can find more information on how to request access. DAC details can also be found on each Dataset description page.

Total number of data access committees: 149
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EGAC00001000030 "Data Access Center Cancer Genomics Group"
EGAC00000000005 Access to Public Datasets in the EGA
EGAC00001000047 AMC Neuroblastoma Study
EGAC01000000015 Annie Huang and the Hospital for Sick Children
EGAC00001000022 ARC Linkage Project Grant LPO990067
EGAC01000000019 ASE vs GTE Study Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000086 Barts Cancer Institute - Follicular Lymphoma Whole Genome Sequencing Project Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000101 Beta cell transcriptome UNIGE
EGAC00001000177 BGI Data Access Committee
EGAC01000000008 BilMBG Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000135 Blueprint Data Access Committee
EGAC00000000015 Breast Cancer Cell Line Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000134 Breast Cancer Cell Line Data Access Committee
EGAC00000000011 British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA) PHSAs Technology Development Office, Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000149 BTRC Data Access Committee
EGAC01000000002 Cancer Genome Database Data Access Committee (CGDB DAC)
EGAC00001000033 Cancer Genome Database Data Access Committee (CGDB DAC)
EGAC01000000005 Cancer Genomics Project DBA Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000109 Cancer Genomics Project RCC Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000087 Cancer genomics project, the University of Tokyo Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000088 Cardiogenics
EGAC00001000124 CIC bioGUNE´s DAC (CbGDAC)
EGAC00001000072 DAC CTC - Plasma-DNA
EGAC00001000041 DAC EGAS00000000094
EGAC00001000099 DAC for study Assessment of genetic and epigenetic variation in human IPS cells RNA 2098-sc-2013-04-23T09:28:22Z-2098
EGAC00001000068 DAC for study characterisation of CpG islands in human tissues
EGAC00001000014 DAC for study Colorectal Cancer Exome 609-sc-2011-06-23T08:16:43Z-609
EGAC00001000113 DAC for study De novo mutations in cell free foetal DNA
EGAC00001000100 DAC for study Deep sequencing analysis of human iPSC specific SNVs in donor cell population 2403-sc-2013-04-23T10:05:59Z-2403
EGAC00001000117 DAC for study Deep sequencing of S7EPC genome
EGAC00001000006 DAC for study Exon resequencing in patients with Brugada syndrome 438-sc-2011-05-06T13:43:15Z-438
EGAC00001000058 DAC for study Gene Discovery in age related hearing loss
EGAC00001000144 DAC for study HELIC
EGAC00001000002 DAC for study Hyperplastic Polyposis
EGAC00001000039 DAC for study Kuusamo
EGAC00001000003 DAC for study Meckel Syndrome
EGAC00001000051 DAC for study Methylation analysis in GM01240 and GM01247
EGAC00001000046 DAC for study MuTHER adipose tissue small RNA expression
EGAC00001000007 DAC for study PAS Pedigree 603-sc-2011-05-26T10:20:50Z-603
EGAC00001000059 DAC for study PD Progressive Hearing Loss
EGAC00001000009 DAC for study PK Exome Seq 439-sc-2011-05-27T14:46:29Z-439
EGAC00001000013 DAC for study PTP and Vel Exome Sequencing 678-sc-2011-06-02T13:34:34Z-678
EGAC00001000125 DAC for study RNA Seq in Patients with Primordial Dwarfism
EGAC00001000069 DAC for study Screening for abnormal CGI methylation in primary colorectal tumours
EGAC00001000043 DAC for study Screening for human epigenetic variation at CpG islands
EGAC00001000104 DAC for study SEQCAP A study of the genetic basis of evation by Acute Myeloid Leukaemia of Graft vs Leukaemia effects after allo
EGAC00001000021 DAC for study SEQCAP Analysis Of Genomic Integrity Of Disease Corrected Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
EGAC00001000075 DAC for study SEQCAP Bilateral Anophthalmia Pilot
EGAC00001000027 DAC for study SEQCAP Bleeding
EGAC00001000008 DAC for study SEQCAP Causative Mutations for TAR 1693-sc-2011-05-26T10:23:55Z-1693
EGAC00001000034 DAC for study SEQCAP De Novo Mutations In Schizophrenia
EGAC00001000023 DAC for study SEQCAP Dilgom Exome
EGAC00001000089 DAC for study SEQCAP Dyslipidemia families FY2011 12
EGAC00001000035 DAC for study SEQCAP Exome sequencing in patients with calcific aortic valve stenosis
EGAC00001000038 DAC for study SEQCAP Exome Sequencing Pilot of HIV
EGAC00001000005 DAC for study SEQCAP Familial Melanoma Sequencing 1389-sc-2011-05-05T08:29:49Z-1389
EGAC00001000018 DAC for study SEQCAP Grey Platelet Syndrome
EGAC00001000061 DAC for study SEQCAP Hearing loss in adults from South Carolina
EGAC00001000025 DAC for study SEQCAP Hyperfibrinolysis
EGAC00001000092 DAC for study SEQCAP Identification of the underlying causal variant in a multi generational family with autosomal dominant comm
EGAC00001000103 DAC for study SEQCAP Internation 1q Type 2 Consortium 1824-sc-2013-05-16T15:32:15Z-1824
EGAC00001000037 DAC for study SEQCAP Mutational Screening Of Human Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Samples
EGAC00001000060 DAC for study SEQCAP Otosclerosis gene discovery
EGAC00001000004 DAC for study SEQCAP Paroxysmal Neurological Disorders
EGAC00001000026 DAC for study SEQCAP Platelet Collagen Defect
EGAC00001000111 DAC for study SEQCAP Susceptibility genes for the development of SLE during treatment of IBD
EGAC00001000020 DAC for study SEQCAP Unraveling the genetic basis of a collagen migration defect in patients
EGAC00001000028 DAC for study SEQCAP Various Platelet Disorders
EGAC00001000129 DAC for study SEQCAP WGS Assessment of genetic variations in human iPS cells
EGAC00001000107 DAC for study SEQCAP WGS Ethiopia Genome Project high coverage
EGAC00001000063 DAC for study SEQCAP WGS ORCADES
EGAC00001000112 DAC for study SEQCAP Young onset Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
EGAC00001000096 DAC for study Sequencing component for the whole genome methylation analysis in PBMCs and cell subsets pilot study 1733-sc-2013-
EGAC00001000118 DAC for study Subclonal analysis in S7RE2 and S7RE14 iPS cells
EGAC00001000029 DAC for study T2D RV pilot NTR
EGAC00001000108 DAC for study Transcriptome PLX4032
EGAC00001000116 DAC for study Validation of a Haloplex platform for targeted re sequencing of the exons of 25 genes
EGAC00001000091 DAC for study Validation of SNVs found in human iPS cells 2352-sc-2013-02-26T09:27:20Z-2352
EGAC00001000012 DAC for study Vel Exome Sequencing 1852-sc-2011-06-02T13:32:43Z-1852
EGAC00001000053 DAC for study Whole Genome Sequencing of hiPS cells
EGAC00001000064 DAC University of Cologne
EGAC00001000076 Department of Human Genetics, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000150 Department of Pathology and Tumor Biology, Kyoto University Data Access Committee
EGAC01000000023 Down syndrome Data Access Committee (DS-DAC)
EGAC00001000133 Elías Campo
EGAC00000000008 European Network of Genomic and Genetic Epidemiology Data Access Committee
EGAC00000000003 Finnish National Institute for Health and and Welfare Data Access Committee
EGAC00000000014 Gabriel Consortium Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000139 GEH Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000001 Gencode Exome Pilot
EGAC00001000105 Gencord Data Access Committee
EGAC01000000016 Genentech Data Access Committee
EGAC01000000009 Genetics of gene expression in primary human immune cells Data Access Committee
EGAC00000000007 GenomeEUtwin Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000153 Glioma Genomics Committee
EGAC00001000146 GoNL Data Access Committee of BBMRI-NL
EGAC00001000141 HPV Virome Consortium Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000010 ICGC Data Access Compliance Office
EGAC00001000148 ICR DIPG Data Access Committee
EGAC00000000013 IgA Neuropathy Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000178 Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale U1016, Institut Cochin, Paris, France
EGAC01000000018 International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000065 legitimate academic institutions need to comply with terms of Data Access Agreement to access EGAS00001000323
EGAC00001000155 LUMC-CU access committee Dutch Hunger Winter Families Study
EGAC00000000002 MalariGen Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000048 McGill-DKFZ Pediatric Brain Tumour Consortium
EGAC00001000066 MDACC-endo
EGAC00001000185 MDS-DAC
EGAC00000000016 MELARISK Data Access Committee
EGAC01000000010 METABRIC data access committee
EGAC00001000095 Molecular Oncology Group, PICR
EGAC00001000145 MOMA Data Access Committee
EGAC01000000007 MRC Prion Unit Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000102 nature12170 CDAC
EGAC00001000085 Neuroblastoma Data Access Committee
EGAC01000000022 NOPHO-ALL DNA Methylation Data Access Committee
EGAC01000000024 NOWAC blood-breast cancer Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000130 PMBCL Sequencing Libraries DAC
EGAC00001000121 Sardinian Chromosome Y DAC
EGAC00001000077 SGDAC- SciGenom Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000040 Signal Transduction Team ICR (2011) Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000044 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project Steering Committee
EGAC00001000191 Study of pediatric hepatocellular carcinoma with BSEP deficiency
EGAC00001000056 Temporary DAC for EGAS00001000274
EGAC00001000119 Temporary DAC for EGAS00001000528
EGAC00001000181 The CCA Genome Core is responsible for archiving the sequencing data generated by the Cancer Centre Amsterdam (CCA).
EGAC00001000078 The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Circulating Nucleic Acids Research Group (CNARG)
EGAC00001000162 The Data Access Committee that surveys the appeals for data derived from the study "An oncogenic enhancer-rearrangement causes c
EGAC00000000006 The Nordic Centre of Excellence Programme in Molecular Medicine Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000032 The University of Hong Kong Gastric Cancer Exome Sequencing Project Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000136 The University of Hong Kong Gastric Cancer Genomics Study Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000154 Translational Cancer Therapeutics Laboratory DAC
EGAC00001000024 UK10K Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000031 VIB AMG Data Access Consortium
EGAC00001000042 VIB VRC Data Access Committee
EGAC00001000052 VIB-CME
EGAC00000000001 Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium Data Access Committee
EGAC01000000006 WTCCC CDAC
EGAC00001000000 WTSI CGP Data access committee