DAC Accession Contact Person Email Access Information
EGAC00000000006 Jaakko Kaprio

This DAC controls 11 datasets:

Dataset Accessionsort descending Technology Samples Description
EGAD00000000032 Illumina HumanHap 300 19 NcOEDG Helsinki 1 samples
EGAD00000000033 Illumina HumanHap 300 180 NcOEDG Helsinki 2 samples
EGAD00000000034 Illumina HumanHap 300 20 NcOEDG Helsinki 3 samples
EGAD00000000035 Illumina CNV370 693 NcOEDG Helsinki 4 samples
EGAD00000000036 Affymetrix 500K 484 NcOEDG Stockholm 1 samples
EGAD00000000037 Affymetrix 5.0 514 NcOEDG Stockholm 2 samples
EGAD00000000038 Illumina HumanHap 550 761 NcOEDG Stockholm 3 samples
EGAD00000000039 Affymetrix 500K 1374 NcOEDG Malmo - Lund samples
EGAD00000000040 Illumina HumanHap 300 162 GenomEUtwin Danish (DK) samples
EGAD00000000041 Illumina HumanHap 300 302 GenomEUtwin Swedish (SWE) samples
EGAD00000000042 Illumina HumanHap 300 153 GenomEUtwin Finnish (FIN) samples

DAC description

Access to data generated by the NcOEDG is available by emailing application to the data access committee and will be granted to qualified investigators for appropriate use. For further guidelines, application form and data access agreement, please follow the link below