DAC Accession Contact Person Email Access Information
EGAC00000000001 Data Sharing datasharing@sanger.ac.uk http://www.wtccc.org.uk/info/access_to_data_samples.html

This DAC controls 58 datasets:

Dataset Accessionsort ascending Technology Samples Description
EGAD00010000950 Affymetrix 6.0 4924 WTCCC2 Bacteraemia Susceptibility (BS) smaples using Affymetrix 6.0
EGAD00010000929 Illumina ImmunoChip 2981 WTCCC3_Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Replication
EGAD00010000928 Illumina ImmunoChip 2861 WTCCC3_Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Replication Post-QC
EGAD00010000730 1 WTCCC2 Psychosis Endophenotype samples from UK, Germany, Holland, Spain and Australia using the Affymetrix 6.0 array
EGAD00010000640 21 WTCCC2 Visceral Leishmaniasis samples from Sudanl using Illumina 670k
EGAD00010000638 97 WTCCC2 Visceral Leishmaniasis samples from Indial using Illumina 670k
EGAD00010000636 119 WTCCC2 Visceral Leishmaniasis samples from Brazil using Illumina 670k
EGAD00010000634 2930 WTCCC2 People of the British Isles (POBI) samples using Affymetrix 6.0 array
EGAD00010000632 2912 WTCCC2 People of the British Isles (POBI) samples using Illumina 1.2M array
EGAD00010000602 3665 WTCCC2 Reading and Mathematics ability (RM) samples from UK using the Affymetrix 6.0 array
EGAD00010000584 2765 WTCCC2 Glaucoma samples using Illumina 670k array
EGAD00010000506 Illumina_670k-Illuminus 1991 WTCCC2 BO (Barretts oesophagus) samples
EGAD00010000298 13761 All cases and controls (Hap300)
EGAD00010000296 2224 1958BC control samples only (Hap550)
EGAD00010000294 2436 1958BC control samples only (Hap300)


DAC description

Access to summary data and individual-level genotype data is available by application to the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium Data Access Committee (CDAC). Access to data will be granted to qualified investigators for appropriate use. The CDAC also controls the individual level genotype data for the 1958 British Birth Cohort samples. For further guidelines, application form and data access agreement, please follow the link below.