W9 – Computational Pan-Genomics

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Date: Sunday September 4, 2016
Time: 9:00 – 17:00
Venue: World Forum, room: Antarctica

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The choice of reference object used to represent the genome of a species has far reaching effects on biological inference. The use of a “reference genome” made pragmatic sense when sequencing was expensive. However it leads to under-detection of non-reference alleles. The problem is substantial in regions of genomes of high diversity, such as the human MHC, or where unusual mutational mechanisms occur, as observed in the var genes in P. falciparum, for instance. Indeed, the limitations of a single reference genome have long been recognized in bacterial genomics, where the term pan-genome has been coined to refer to the full set of genes found across all individuals of a species. Recently progress has been made towards using an ensemble of genomes or variation data as a first-class object. However many algorithmic challenges remain, few implementations exist, and any new approaches need to fit into an entire analysis ecosystem (annotation, coordinates, historical data).

Target audience

This workshop aims to bring this diverse community of researchers together, encourage evaluation of new bioinformatic approaches, revisit the key requirements of the different biological communities (human, animal, plant, microbial) and form a Computational Pan-Genomics community.

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