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The workshops will provide participants with an informal setting to discuss technical issues, exchange research ideas, and to share practical experiences on a range of focused or emerging topics in bioinformatics. SIGs are workshops organized by a Special Interest Group. Each workshop will provide an interesting perspective on the cutting edge of a selected research field. Workshops may include any form of presentation such as talks or panel discussions.

The workshops are planned on September 3 and 4, 2016 in the World Forum in The Hague, immediately preceding the ECCB 2016.

posters at pre-meetings

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  • Width: 100 cm
  • Height: 125 cm


September 3 and 4

workshop title
W1 10th International Workshop on Machine Learning in Systems Biology (2-day workshop)


September 3

workshop title
W2 Network Inference: New Methods and New Data
W3 Getting the most out of your methods and algorithms: a workshop on how to use existing datasets to gain novel scientific insight
W4 Digital pathology meets bioinformatics
W5 RepSeq 2016: Immune Repertoire Sequencing : Bioinformatics and Applications in Hematology and Immunology
W6 ​FAIR Data and Data Stewardship
W7 Challenges and approaches in comprehensive and informative complex network analysis for precision medicine


September 4

workshop title
W8 Computing a tissue: Modeling multicellular systems
W9 Computational Pan-Genomics
W10 BioNetVisA: from biological network reconstruction to data visualization and analysis in molecular biology and medicine
W11 Recent Computational Advances in Metagenomics
W12 SIG-BioExcel: Advanced Simulations for Biomolecular Research
W13 Clinical Bioinformatics as a Service
W14 Computational challenges of third Generation DNA Sequencing data analysis



time details
9h00 start of workshop
10h30-11h00 coffee/tea break
12h30-13h30 lunch break
15h00-15h30 coffee/tea break
17h00 end of workshop



For more information about workshop fees and registration, please visit the registration page.



category early late
1 day – academic/industry 110 165
1 day – MSc/PhD student 60 90
2 days – academic/industry 180 270
2 days – MSc/PhD student 100 150


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