1. The time allowed for your presentation is 15 minutes and 5 minutes for discussion. The session chair person(s) will see to it that you’re allowed speaking time is not exceeded and that adequate time for questions and answers remains.
  2. Prepare your slides in landscape orientation. Standard video projection format ratio in 16/9 to maximize the image surface on the screens.
  3. The first slide should show the title of your paper which must be identical to the title of your submitted abstract.
  4. You are encouraged to share the work you present with the wider scientific community by submitting your presentation to the F1000Research ECCB 2016 Channel.
  5. You will be kindly asked to sign a consent form for the release of your presentation (as presented or modified) in PDF format on the F1000Research ECCB 2016 Channel on your behalf in case you did not find the time to upload it yourself. Releasing your presentation is optional of course.
  6. All presentation files must be handed over to our staff (on USB stick) at the Speakers
    Service Centre (SSC) facilities where these will be uploaded to the cloud at least 2 HOURS before the start of your presentation. You can check if your presentation (e.g. fonts, format) is uploaded correctly.
  7. The presentation will be distributed and available in the room where you will have your presentation. Your presentation will be loaded automatically. We also provide a standard remote with built-in laser pointer.
  8. Please be aware that there will be no option to use your own laptop.
  9. For discussion there will be microphones in the aisles.
  10. One of our assistants will be available throughout the session to help in case of projection problems. Also, an audiovisual technician may be able to resolve technical problems from the control room. Just call for their help if needed.
  11. You are requested to report to the podium in the lecture room 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the session(s) to meet the chairpersons and to receive some final instructions regarding slide projection.
  12. Please prepare your presentation in PowerPoint or PDF.
  13. Some advice for Mac users:
    • Never use the Copy/Paste or Drag/Drop functions when inserting images in your presentation. In PowerPoint, choose Insert:
      • Image
      • Image from file
      • then select your image
    • Image formats should be JPEG or GIF
    • Video inserted in your presentation should be in AVI or MPEG format. In PowerPoint, choose Insert
      • Film & sound
      • Film from a file
    • Fonts are different in the Mac and PC environment. We suggest that you use common fonts like ARIAL, HELVETICA, TAHOMA, VERDANA, and for symbols WINGDIGS, WEBDINGS, SYMBOL fonts
    • Please avoid using transparencies, as they are interpreted differently in the Mac and PC environment: results in the room can be different from what you expect and see on your own machine.
    • When saving your files, please use “PC readable” (formatted) media



Poster presenters are kindly requested to register for ECCB 2016 before the online registration deadline which is set on August 19, 2016 (23h59 in the time zone of your choice – Saturday August 20, 2016 at 11h59 GMT). Posters without a registered presenter will be taken off the poster list. thank you very much for your understanding.
  1. All poster boards in the poster areas will be numbered and will begin with ‘P_’ followed by an indication of the theme or track (see below).
    theme poster number
    Data P_Da.000
    Genes P_Ge.000
    Genomes P_Go.000
    Proteins P_Pr.000
    Systems P_Sy.000
    tracks poster number
    Elixir P_El.000
    Elixir/Training P_El/Tr.000
    Training P_Tr.000
    Application Posters submitted to the Application track are grouped at the beginning of each theme, these poster numbers are shown in italic.

    View poster list (available in the afternoon of August 16)

  2. For proper display at the venue, your poster size should stay within the following maximum dimensions (poster board fits A0 posters in portrait):
    • Width: 100 cm
    • Height: 125 cm

  3. When preparing your poster, use adequate letter type and size to ensure good readability. Well-designed figures, graphs and tables will enhance the attractiveness of your poster.
  4. The title on your poster should be identical to the title of the corresponding abstract. This title is used in the conference programme.
  5. Posters should show the names and affiliations of all contributing authors appearing on the abstract.
  6. Financial support received for the work described in the poster should be acknowledged in the poster. Suggested language: Travel funding to ECCB 2016 was generously provided by ECCB 2016/ISCB.
  7. No commercial activities or any advertising may be displayed on the posters. Non-compliance with this rule will result in the poster being removed.
  8. You are encouraged to share the work you present with the wider scientific community by submitting your poster to the F1000Research ECCB 2016 Channel. It would be nice to have as many posters as possible availble before the start of the main conference.
  9. Posters should be mounted Monday, September 5, between 08h00 and 12h00. Mounting materials will be available in the poster area. Posters should be on display from Monday September 5, 12h00 until Wednesday, September 7, 14h00.
  10. The presenting author should be in the vicinity of his/her poster during the poster viewing sessions:
    Monday September 5, 2016, 17h30 – 19h30: presence of presenters required for one hour.

    • Posters with odd numbers: 17h30 – 18h30
    • Posters with even numbers: 18h30 – 19h30

    Tuesday September 6, 2016, 17h30 – 19h30: presence of presenters required for one hour.

    • Posters with even numbers: 17h30 – 18h30
    • Posters with odd numbers: 18h30 – 19h30


  11. You are allowed to bring hard copies of your poster as handouts. No duplication facilities will be available through ECCB 2016. Authors may also wish to provide sign-up sheets for attendees who may wish additional information, reprints, etc.
  12. Your poster should be removed from the poster board before Wednesday, September 7, 18h00. Posters not removed by the presenters will be removed by the organizers and will be destroyed.
  13. Poster no-shows: Inclusion of your abstract in the conference programme obliges you or one of your co-authors to present your contribution at the time and in the manner indicated. If you already know that your poster will not be presented, you are asked to withdraw your abstract as soon as possible. Not only are unpresented posters frustrating for those people present, but they are also costly as the board space is reserved for your poster.


    We look forward to meeting you in September. Please don’t hesitate to contact the ECCB 2016 Secretariat at, if you have any questions.

    ECCB 2016 Secretariat
    Congress by design
    P.O. Box 77
    3480 DB Harmelen
    The Netherlands
    Tel: +31 88 089 8100