EBI Post-Docs

Information for EBI postdocs:

  • Library Access to Cambridge University Library
  • PdOC Postdocs Of Cambridge
  • Postdocs at the EBI are entitled to invite external speakers to give Seminars.
    Please contact if you want to host such an External Seminar.

Events at the EBI and further afield:

If you want to add events to the calendar or import it to your own calendar, please ask Remco, Steve, Pär or Karyn for login details.

EBI Post-doc association:

  • Next Steps seminars - established scientists talk us through their career paths and pass on any advice they have acquired along the way.
  • 19/10/09: Post-doc Coffee Break. We introduced each other in 5 mn, presented what we are working on … and some collaborations might have started here!
  • 30/04/09: a meeting with Janet Thornton and Nick Goldman was held to discuss the issues which emerged from the SAC evaluation.
    See here for a summary and to comment on any of the issues.
  • 07/04/09: A meeting to start up the postdoc association and elect chairs was held.
    Remco Loos and Steven Wilder were elected chairman and vice chairman, respectively (get the Minutes).


Events at the EMBL level:

  • poster_II.indd Post-docs are encouraged to visit EMBL headquarters in Heidelberg at least once throughout their stay at EBI. If not through collaborations, then you should consider the Lab Day (the next Lab Day is June 10th, 2011; the last one was held on June 11th, 2010).
  • The 2010 Postdoc retreat was held on November 8-10th in Lübeck, Germany (see programme).
  • The previous Pdoc retreat was held Oct. 10-12th 2008 in Aix-les-Bains, France (here is a list of all people who attended the retreat).

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