Post-doc Presentations

Post-docs are encouraged to present their work to other post-docs. The format of the talk is generally of 20 to 30mn but we could accommodate shorter/longer ones if you're feeling shy/chatty.

We meet once a month. Timetable for 2009/2010 available below. If you would like to be included, please contact Karyn ( or write down your name in one of the empty slots. If you can't make your talk, try to find someone to swap with you and remember to update the timetable!

Year Month Name Title
2009 November [11th] Juanma Vaquerizas Nucleoporins, chromosomal organisation and gene regulation
December [9th] Kathi Zarnack iCLIP reveals the function of hnRNP particles in splicing at individual nucleotide resolution
2010 January [27th] Mikhail Spivakov Individual variation at Drosophila regulatory modules
February [25th] Cei Abreu-Goodger Discovering microRNA signals in gene expression profiles
March [24th] Remco Loos Epigenetic effects of early rearing environment in mouse brain development
April [May 5th] Albert Vilella Phylogenetic mapping of RNA-seq reads using a graph algorithm
May [June 5th] Ari Loytynoja Evolutionary alignment of sequence graphs
June Gautier Koscielny CANCELLED !
July - September SUMMER BREAK
October [15th] Pär Engström Transcriptional characterization of glioma stem cell lines using tag sequencing
October [28th] Emeric Sevin Evolutionary constraints on fly promoters and their impact on TFBS turnover
2011 February [15th] Karyn Mégy Annotation and Comparative Genomics of mosquito genomes
June [30th] Mikhail Spivakov The cis-regulatory logic of (Drosophila) heart specification
June [14th] Botond Sipos PhyloSim - Monte Carlo simulation of sequence evolution in R
July [26th] Judith Zaugg
August [9th] Par Engstrom TBA
August [23rd] Tjaart de Beer Protein variation in the 1000 Genomes data
September 6th Harpreet Saini TBA
September 27th Luis de Figueiredo TBA
October 4th Mat Davis TBA
October 26th Aidan MacNamara TBA
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