(in just 2 months !)


Still no submissions

Action LF : send a reminder 2 weeks before the deadline, and promote the poster session and the software bazaar


They are good. Money transfers are starting


2 sessions of 2 or 3 in parallel

Action Find people to organize, chair the sessions

  • How to fund my research ? fellowships, grants, students, etc. Invite someone from the career service ?
  • Leaving academia: how to keep one's options open. (GW to chair ?)
  • Increasing scientific impact through social media. (CD to chair ?)
  • Job application clinic: people help each other with CV, etc
  • Work-life balance: family, gender issues, equal opportunities, academic career, etc. Action CD to ask Emily Wong to chair that. Support from SiS ?

External funding, sponsoring

Only negative replies (if any) so far (before eLife's reply !!) Action GW: send a reminder

Ideas for local funding:

  • Cambridge University Press
  • PLoS
  • Eagle Genomics

GW to give a presentation at Syngenta on June 17th Idea: propose sponsoring to the audience with a bidding system. X-blind way ? people only have 1 shot to submit their amount and the highest wins

Sex In Science

They are asking a guy to join their working group. Action CD: ask Graham, or Tapio, to join

Salaries, contracts, etc

GW about the students who have started a postdoc position but are still waiting to pass the viva. 1 year after starting the postdoc position, because the viva is < 1 year, they don't get the salary increase of the 2nd year yet. They only get it 1 year later.


Action LF: send a newsletter to the other reps to announce:

  • results of the EBI elections
  • ask for a video-conference call about the retreat, the workshops, the submissions, the unit presentations
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