Minutes of meeting 14th of May 2013

Present: Luis, Mark, Camille, Gerard, and Christophe

To do for the coming year as reps:

  • BBQ with the predocs, Camille will contact the predocs.
  • Possible get together with the new predocs (socializing opportunity). Unfortuantely this has already happened.
  • Seminars on Tuesdays.

Concerning the retreat:

  • The abstract submission should be opened, Luis will do this.
  • The workshop programme should be put together, last retreat this was in a round table format, Luis will send last year's list
  • (Ideas: Life after EMBL)
  • The pub is ok
  • Helke and Brenda are welcome but should travel themselves
  • How many people are registered (about 66) and is there a possibility for more attendees?
  • IF other people are willing to help organizing, their names will be added to the website.
  • We should give some thought to the children.
  • Requires answers to some questions.
  1. How many children are registered.
  2. What are their ages?
  3. Will they be allowed in the talks?
  4. Do we need to reserve life savers at the punting company?
  • Sponsorship is going poorly, next to sending out reminders again we should think of other options.
  1. The EMBO Journal / Genome Biology, possibility to send the meeting reports there. Gerard will contact them.
  2. Journals like Nature, PLoS, etc. Gerard will contact them.
  3. Genestack. Gerard will contact them.
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