Present: Christophe, Luis, Gerard

Postdoc Rep Elections

  • We can use the system in place for the staff association elections.
  • Those not able to vote eletronically can vote @ postdoc drinks Tuesday at 16.30 (Pebbles).
  • Voting will be only on people, not on people at certain positions.
  • Luis will draft an email to be sent around announcing the elections and candidates.
  • Luis will also contact Matthieu.

Postdoc Retreat 2013

  • Sanofi sent a very positive email. We should be able to procure sponsoring but we need an EMBL go ahead.
  • Sanofi is wondering if the retreat is 'computational enough'. In principle this should not be a problem given the make up of the audience.
  • Gerard has sent an email to EMBL to ask for permission to finalize the deal. In addition this email announced the possibility to contact Novartis
  • The prize needs to be announced to the postdocs. We decided to send around an email announcing a prize of 500 euro, which can be raised when we receive sponsorship. Christophe contacts Helke to see if we can use EMBL funding for this 500 euro minimum.
  • Christophe is going to go over the budget to get an idea of the amount of money we have to partially reimburse visa costs.


  • Postdoc drinks will be held at Pebbles on the 14th (Tuesday) at 16.30 using a tab.
  • The next seminar is planned for the 21st of May.

Additional notes

  • Christophe will be less available starting of June due to change of job. He will be available for questions and will try to make it to the retreat.
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