Minutes - 26th March 2013

Present: Mark, Christophe, Luis, Matthieu, Gerard (@ the end of meeting)

  • Rep elections:
    • Camille and Gerard showed interest
    • rename Postdoc association: EBI Postdoc and Friends (EBI PF)
      • check with Nick or EBI management
    • try to find more 2 people
    • schedule it for after the staff elections
  • Staff Association elections
    • send an email to postdoc for representing postdocs in the staff association
      • the position is distinct from the EBI PF association reps
  • Postdoc Retreat 2013
    • sponsorship:
      • Dominic is no longer available
      • letters to potential sponsor will be send today
      • EMBL Alumni association:
        • Gerard got good feedback and some data for the sponsorship
        • the alumni association also suggested to have 1 or 2 alumni in the retreat
    • VISA
      • letter is ready and list of people requiring it
    • Registration:
      • reopen registration for all EMBL postdocs given the lack of interest from EBI Postdocs

Action points

  • send email inviting postdocs to become Staff Association members and represent postdocs
  • Luis: send email remainder about postdoc award committee this afternoon
  • Christophe:
    • send the letter for the VISA
    • send email to EBI with last chance to register and then send the reopening of registration to EMBL
  • Gerard: send the sponsorship letters
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