Minutes - 26th February 2013

Present: Luis, Mark, Susanna, Matthieu, Thomas Rensch (Predoc Rep; attended just at the beginning of the meeting)

  • salary increase:
    • Thomas briefed the current situation regarding the inflation indexing of the salaries
    • main questions: how the rates are calculated? Has been previous mistakes?
    • current status: wait for EMBO response
  • Postdoc list
    • proposed definition for an “official” postdoc after the SAC 2009 (see here)
    • add information about status (e.g. fellow, staff, eipod)
    • create agenda point to discuss postdoc list with Nick G.
  • Postdoc retreat 2013
    • Pubs - Cambridge Blue
    • Program: invite Cambridge career service?
  • New elections for Postdocs
    • send email to the postdoc community with the years summary
    • invite them to become part of the postdoc association

Action points

  • Create confluence page with tasks, duties and todos for postdoc reps
  • Luis: fill in information about postdoc status
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