Minutes - 29th January 2013

Present: Luis, Mark, Susanna, Christophe

  • Postdoc retreat 2013:
    • No reply from Helke, Brenda and Nick regarding the opening of the registration for the retreat
    • No feedback regarding the URL for hosting the retreats homepage.
    • Pubs:
      • Castle Inn is not available due to space limitations
      • The Punter was not reachable by phone
      • Cambridge Blue is available
        • one can do the event in the garden or inside the pub
        • PA system might be needed for the Quiz
        • food: either send them a budget or set a menu for a buffet
      • The Anchor is a new suggestion and is close to the punting rental

Action points

  • Luis: ask Brenda if we can open the registration now or need to wait
  • Susanna: contact the two pubs missing
  • Susanna: check with ES if everything is in place for the registration
  • Add a note to the registration page and perhaps also to homepage, saying that further information about submitting their work for a talk will be disclosed soon.
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