Minutes - 20th November 2012

Present: Luis, Mark, Matthieu, Susanna, Christophe, Gerard van Westen

  • Postdoc retreat 2012 report:
    • the format was interesting
    • working groups:
      • good discuss forum
      • next time bring people from Staff (e.g. Grants Office, Postdoc Program Office)
    • Unit talks:
      • allowed a good overview about the work and activities carried in different outstations
      • skip them the next year to avoid repetition
    • beer sessions at the end of the day were a good social moment
  • Postdoc retreat 2013:
    • good receptivity, people seemed keen to participate
    • concerns regarding the limited number of places were raised
    • the main issue regarding the visa were the travel costs to the national consulates (GR ~60EUR, HD ~30-80EUR)
    • additional funding
      • from EMBL, depending on receptivity
      • fund actions like
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