Minutes - 6th November 2012

Present: Luis, Mark, Matthieu, Christophe, Albert

  • EBI Postdoc budget:
    • up to 500GBP free allowance
    • the costs of two buffets for the lunch seminars will be carried over to next year's budget
  • Sex in Science: we should attend the next committee meeting
  • Postdoc Seminars: booked until February 2013
  • Sanger meeting
    • keep in line for future events (e.g. GSK visits, seminars)
    • ask if Sanger wants to be present at the EMBL postdoc retreat 2013
  • EBI Open Day (20 November 2012)
    • Christophe was asked to give a presentation about the postdoc life
    • Albert gave the talk last year and has some slides

Action points

  • Christophe: prepare the slides announcing the Postdoc Retreat for 2013
  • Luis: ask the organizers for a slot to announce the retreat
  • Gerard and Christophe: contact sponsors
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