Minutes - 9th October 2012

Present: Luis, Mark, Matthieu, Christophe

  • Pension scheme
    • L. the Power of Attorney letters need to be send to Heidelberg
    • L. is planning a meeting with the fellows that appealed to discuss the current situation of the appeal process
  • Postdoc retreat 2012
    • We have one participant from EBI confirmed.
  • Postdoc retreat 2013
    • C. sent an email to OTT regarding the registration page but did not get a reply so far.
    • C. will prepare a special wiki page with list of things to do.
  • Postdoc seminar day on 19.10.2012
    • Schedule is settled, in spite a few titles are missing.
    • We should decide on the menu.

Action points

  • Postdoc retreat 2013
    • C: set up retreat 2013 wiki page [Done - 09.10.2012]
  • Postdoc seminar day
    • All: decide the menu for the EBI postdoc day (wait for Tracey)
  • Meeting with EBI management on 18.10.2012
    • C: send and email to the postdocs remembering and asking if they have any points to discuss [Done - 09.10.2012]
    • L: ensure that any relevant issue relative to the pension scheme is discussed with fellows prior the meeting and brought to the meeting if necessary.
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