Minutes - 2nd October 2012

Present: Susanna, Luis, Mark, Matthieu, Albert

  • Pension scheme
    • An EBI postdoc whose name starts with “I” has not signed the paper to approve the working group. As he has left the EBI, he has to withdraw his name from the appeal
  • Email from Nick Goldman
    • NG sent an email to Christophe and Luis, about concerns from the EBI group leaders. They seem unhappy that some postdocs go to our events without warning them. Christophe and Luis replied in a nice way, emphasizing that (i) all our events are public and broadly advertised, (ii) we are not asking postdocs to hide those events from their managers, (iii) we are not responsible for the lack of communication within some teams
  • Postdoc retreat 2012
    • Still waiting to hear from the organisers
  • Postdoc retreat 2013
    • From 5th to 7th of August, at Jesus College. The actual booking with the payments, etc will be 6 months before the event
    • “Children welcome”
    • OTT can help with the registration system
    • Total budget should be around £25k
  • Postdoc seminar day
    • Tracey is collecting the titles
  • Lunchtime seminars
    • There is not always enough food for everyone. The new policy is “order for 20 people” and ask for more if more people susbscribe

Action points

  • All: send the title for the postdoc day
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