Minutes 16th May 2012

Present: Albert, Mark, Matthieu, Christophe

  • Outreach event: campus career day on June 11th
    • We need a “real” postdoc to help at the stand, mainly between 3-4pm. Christophe is going to be away 4-16 June, so it was suggested that Luis or Susanna do it. Not only are they the only two *real postdocs* among the reps, but also, they are absent from the meeting, so they can't weasel their way out of this like the rest of us.
  • Confluence vs Dokuwiki: the debate was intense, but it was decided that we'll use confluence for reps-only matters (passwords, procedures, etc..), and use Dokuwiki for communication with all postdocs and the rest of the world. The minutes are public, and will thus continue to be published here. Some day, the new EBI website will replace Dokuwiki.
  • Symposium at Babraham. Current target time is oct-nov-dec 12. Our ministry of special event (Albert) has one contact there, but is trying to recruit co-organisers on WTGC side, especially among Predocs/Sanger people. A will keep on asking around until someone commits to organising the symposium. Also, A has sent an email w/Doodle poll to gauge interest among all EBI postdocs.

Action items

  • Mark:
    • Update us on last week's action items
    • Update reps profile on Dokuwiki
    • Ask external services to add a link to dokuwiki from research>postdoc page
  • Christophe:
    • Ask Susanna/Luis about outreach event
  • Albert:
    • Keep looking for co-organisers for the Babraham's outing
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