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Juncus membranaceus partial ATPase F1 alpha subunit

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Source: Coding (Release)  ID: ACC93539

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Submitted as: Similar to nonhistone chromosomal protein HMG-1 [Homo sapiens]; probable pseudogene; similar to P09429 (PID:g123369)
Homo sapiens (Unreviewed)

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Source: UniProtKB  ID: Q75MM1_HUMAN



Submitted as: WUGSC:H_248O15.1 protein
Homo sapiens (Unreviewed)

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Source: UniProtKB  ID: O14572_HUMAN



Submitted as: Putative uncharacterized protein POLR2J2
Homo sapiens (Unreviewed)

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Source: UniProtKB  ID: Q86UW4_HUMAN

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DESCRIPTION The CFTR gene encodes an ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter that functions as a low conductance Cl(-)-selective channel gated by cycles of ATP binding and hydrolysis at its nucleotide-binding domains (NBDs) and regulated tightly by an intrinsically disordered protein segment distingui...

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Source: OMIM  ID: 602421

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Ewan Birney, Associate Director of the European Bioinformatics Institute, elected to the Royal Society < Press releases < News < About us < EMBL-EBI

... Hodgkin, Tim Berners-Lee, John Sulston, Janet Thornton and Paul Nurse. Ewan ...

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