SBMLeditor 1.3.3 Release Notes

We are please to announce the release of SBMLeditor-1.3.3.

You can download it from :

Changes in 1.3.3 :

  Correction to the Miriam annotations.
    In SBMLeditor-1.3.2, we replaced http://xxxx#ID by urn:miriam:xxxx#ID but it should have be urn:miriam:xxxx:encode(ID)
    No annotations are lost, when you load a model in SBMLeditor, whichever of the 3 methods you are using to store the miriam annotations,
    everything will be transformed to the correct one.

  Use the variable USERPROFILE for the window .bat file instead of HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH to store the file.

  Updated libSBML dll to include the latest libSBML-3.2.0 for windows.

  Updated the data folder to include the eleventh release of BioModels Database.

Getting Help and Support

Until we have a tracker dedicated to SBMLeditor, please send any help requests or bug reports to :

biomodels-net-support at

Please, use the string "[SBMLeditor]" in the title of your mail.

SBMLeditor is developed by the teams of Nicolas Le Novère
Nicolas Rodriguez,
European Bioinformatics Institute