SBMLeditor 1.3.2 Release Notes

We are please to announce a new version of SBMLeditor.

You can download it from :

Changes since 1.3 :

  Allow the creation of SBML level 2 version 3 only. Older versions
   can still be used normally but cannot be created from scratch
   inside the SBMLeditor.

  Conversion from older versions to Level 2 Version 3 now available.

  Keyboard shortcuts are shown in the menu item when possible.
  Update of some of the menu names.

  Disabled "deprecated" or "deleted" attributes like species.charge.
  Add an option to switch it on or off.
    unit.offset --> removed from any SBML level and version
    Celcius unit --> removed from any SBML level and version

  Added an help menu with some documentation (draft).
   Documentation is displayed in separate frames that can
   be left open while editing models.

  Added some MIRIAM qualifiers: isEncodedBy, encodes and occursIn.

  Added an option (enable.sbw) in to enable or not SBW.
   Is is disable by default.

  Select by default the compartment when one edits/creates a species
   and there is only one compartment define in the model.

  Updated the MIRIAM export file, to use the new URI scheme and the
   new XML schema

  Added a converter for the old URI/URLs: when one opens a model in
   SBMLeditor, the URI is replaced by the official URN.

  Corrected a bug when deleting a MIRIAM annotation. Since we use the
   bqbiol and bqmodel namespaces, trying to remove one MIRIAM annotation
   on another SBML element than model, would delete the whole RDF element
   with any remaining annotations.

Getting Help and Support

Until we have a tracker dedicated to SBMLeditor, please send any help requests or bug reports to :

biomodels-net-support at

Please, use the string "[SBMLeditor]" in the title of your mail.

SBMLeditor is developed by the teams of Nicolas Le Novère
Nicolas Rodriguez,
European Bioinformatics Institute