Computational Systems Neurobiology Group - Systems Biology of Neuronal Signalling

On October 1st 2012, the Computational Systems Neurobiology Group begat two offsprings. The team, under the coordination of Camille Laibe, joined the Proteomics Service Team led by Henning Hermjakob. The research component moved to the Babraham Institute, as part of Le Novere Lab.


Latest News

The end of the Compneur group

Compneur 28th September 2012
This is the end of the EMBL-EBI Compneur group. Fantastic 9 years. Offsprings of the group are the team, now part of the Proteomics Service Team, and the Le Novere Lab at the Babraham Institute.

New paper describing KiSAO

PLoS ONE 24th September 2012
The Kinetic Simulation Algorithm Ontology (KiSAO) describes existing algorithms and their inter-relationships through their characteristics and parameters. Read more

New paper on calcium and synaptic plasticity

PLoS ONE 4th September 2012
In a very thorough modelling work, Lu Li shows how calcium signal properties affect signalling plasticity. She shows that calcium always activates both CaMII and CaN (but the balance changes), that calmodulin activation outlasts calcium signals, and that the frequency threshold between depression and potentiation depends on signal amplitude and duration. Read more

23rd BioModels Database Release

BioModels 11th August 2012
We are pleased to announce the twenty-third release of BioModels Database.
BioModels Database now publicly provides 142916 models. This corresponds to 867 models published in the literature and 142050 models coming from the Path2Models project.
With this release, several new models have been published and numerous have been updated. Moreover new services are now available (for example related to the access to models from the Path2Models project) while others have been improved (such as the model browsing feature based on a tree of Gene Ontology terms or the BioPAX export).
Please read the release notes for more information.

Computational Systems Neurobiology

Springer July 2012
From transcriptomics to large scale models of neuronal networks, including signaling pathways and multi-compartment neurons, this book introduce the whole spectrum of computational biology techniques used to understand neuronal systems. Read more

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