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Target Name and Classification

Target ID CHEMBL2637
Preferred Name c-Jun N-terminal kinase 3
Synonyms JNK3 | JNK3A | MAP kinase 10 | MAP kinase p49 3F12 | MAPK 10 | MAPK10 | Mitogen-activated protein kinase 10 | PRKM10 | SAPK1B | SAPK1b | Stress-activated protein kinase 1b | Stress-activated protein kinase JNK3 | c-Jun N-terminal kinase 3
Organism Homo sapiens
Species Group No
Protein Target Classification
  • enzyme > kinase > protein kinase > cmgc protein kinase group > cmgc protein kinase mapk family > cmgc protein kinase jnk subfamily

Target Components

Component Description Relationship Accession
Mitogen-activated protein kinase 10 SINGLE PROTEIN P53779

Target Relations

ChEMBL ID Pref Name Target Type
CHEMBL2096667 c-Jun N-terminal kinase, JNK PROTEIN FAMILY
CHEMBL3885602 Mitogen-activated protein kinase 10/Receptor-interacting serine/threonine-protein kinase 1 PROTEIN FAMILY

Approved Drugs and Clinical Candidates

ChEMBL ID Name Mechanism of Action Max Phase References
CHEMBL1614713 CC-401 c-Jun N-terminal kinase 3 inhibitor 2 Other PubMed
CHEMBL1950289 TANZISERTIB c-Jun N-terminal kinase 3 inhibitor 2 PubMed

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Target Associated Compound Properties

Target Cross References - Gene

Array Express ENSG00000109339
Ensembl ENSG00000109339
GO Cellular Component GO:0005634 (nucleus)
GO:0005654 (nucleoplasm)
GO:0005737 (cytoplasm)
GO:0005739 (mitochondrion)
GO:0005829 (cytosol)
GO:0005886 (plasma membrane)
GO:0016020 (membrane)
GO:0043005 (neuron projection)
GO Molecular Function GO:0000166 (nucleotide binding)
GO:0004672 (protein kinase activity)
GO:0004674 (protein serine/threonine kinase activity)
GO:0004705 (JUN kinase activity)
GO:0004707 (MAP kinase activity)
GO:0004708 (MAP kinase kinase activity)
GO:0005515 (protein binding)
GO:0005524 (ATP binding)
GO:0016301 (kinase activity)
GO:0016740 (transferase activity)
GO Biological Process GO:0000187 (activation of MAPK activity)
GO:0006468 (protein phosphorylation)
GO:0007165 (signal transduction)
GO:0007254 (JNK cascade)
GO:0007258 (JUN phosphorylation)
GO:0009416 (response to light stimulus)
GO:0010468 (regulation of gene expression)
GO:0016310 (phosphorylation)
GO:0038095 (Fc-epsilon receptor signaling pathway)
GO:0042752 (regulation of circadian rhythm)
GO:0048511 (rhythmic process)
GO:0048666 (neuron development)
GO:0051090 (regulation of sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity)
Wikipedia MAPK10

Target Cross References - Protein

canSAR P53779
CGD Epileptic encephalopathy, Lennox-Gastaut type
Human Protein Atlas ENSG00000109339
IntAct P53779
Guide to Pharmacology 1498
Open Targets ENSG00000109339
PharmGKB PA30617
Pharos P53779 (Tchem)
Reactome R-HSA-2559580 (Oxidative Stress Induced Senescence.)
R-HSA-2871796 (FCERI mediated MAPK activation.)
R-HSA-450321 (JNK (c-Jun kinases) phosphorylation and activation mediated by activated human TAK1.)
R-HSA-450341 (Activation of the AP-1 family of transcription factors.)
UniProt A6NFS3 A6NG28 B3KQ94 P53779 Q15707 Q49AP1

Target Cross References - Domain

InterPro IPR000719 (Prot_kinase_dom.)
IPR003527 (MAP_kinase_CS.)
IPR008271 (Ser/Thr_kinase_AS.)
IPR008351 (MAPK_JNK.)
IPR011009 (Kinase-like_dom_sf.)
Pfam PF00069 (Pkinase)

Target Cross References - Structure

PDBe 1JNK 1PMN 1PMU 1PMV 2B1P 2EXC 2O0U 2O2U 2OK1 2P33 2R9S 2WAJ 2ZDT 2ZDU 3CGF 3CGO 3DA6 3FI2 3FI3 3FV8 3G90 3G9L 3G9N 3KVX More...
CREDO 1JNK 1PMN 1PMU 1PMV 2B1P 2EXC 2O0U 2O2U 2OK1 2P33 2R9S 2WAJ 2ZDT 2ZDU 3CGF 3CGO 3DA6 3FI2 3FI3 3FV8 3G90 3G9L 3G9N 3KVX More...