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Target Name and Classification

Target ID CHEMBL2095182
Preferred Name Tubulin
Synonyms Alpha-tubulin 1 | Alpha-tubulin 2 | Alpha-tubulin 3 | Alpha-tubulin 3C/D | Alpha-tubulin 3E | Alpha-tubulin 6 | Alpha-tubulin ubiquitous | Detyrosinated tubulin alpha-1A chain | Detyrosinated tubulin alpha-1B chain | Detyrosinated tubulin alpha-1C chain | Detyrosinated tubulin alpha-3C/D chain | Detyrosinated tubulin alpha-3E chain | TUBA1 | TUBA1A | TUBA1B | TUBA1C | TUBA2 | TUBA3 | TUBA3C | TUBA3D | TUBA3E | TUBA4A | TUBA6 | TUBB | TUBB1 | TUBB2 | TUBB2A | TUBB2B | TUBB2C | TUBB3 | TUBB4 | TUBB4 | TUBB4A | TUBB4B | TUBB5 | TUBB5 | TUBB6 | TUBB8 | Testis-specific alpha-tubulin | Tubulin 5 beta | Tubulin B-alpha-1 | Tubulin H2-alpha | Tubulin K-alpha-1 | Tubulin alpha-1 chain | Tubulin alpha-1A chain | Tubulin alpha-1B chain | Tubulin alpha-1C chain | Tubulin alpha-2 chain | Tubulin alpha-3 chain | Tubulin alpha-3C/D chain | Tubulin alpha-3E chain | Tubulin alpha-4A chain | Tubulin alpha-6 chain | Tubulin alpha-ubiquitous chain | Tubulin beta 8 class VIII | Tubulin beta chain | Tubulin beta class IIa | Tubulin beta class V | Tubulin beta-1 chain | Tubulin beta-2 chain | Tubulin beta-2A chain | Tubulin beta-2B chain | Tubulin beta-2C chain | Tubulin beta-3 chain | Tubulin beta-4 chain | Tubulin beta-4 chain | Tubulin beta-4A chain | Tubulin beta-4B chain | Tubulin beta-5 chain | Tubulin beta-6 chain | Tubulin beta-8 chain | Tubulin beta-III
Organism Homo sapiens
Species Group No
Protein Target Classification
  • structural protein

Target Components

Component Description Relationship Accession
Tubulin alpha-3C/D chain GROUP MEMBER Q13748
Tubulin alpha-4A chain GROUP MEMBER P68366
Tubulin beta-1 chain GROUP MEMBER Q9H4B7
Tubulin beta-4A chain GROUP MEMBER P04350
Tubulin beta-8 chain GROUP MEMBER Q3ZCM7
Tubulin beta chain GROUP MEMBER P07437
Tubulin alpha-1A chain GROUP MEMBER Q71U36
Tubulin beta-4B chain GROUP MEMBER P68371
Tubulin beta-3 chain GROUP MEMBER Q13509
Tubulin alpha-1B chain GROUP MEMBER P68363
Tubulin beta-2A chain GROUP MEMBER Q13885
Tubulin alpha-3E chain GROUP MEMBER Q6PEY2
Tubulin alpha-1C chain GROUP MEMBER Q9BQE3
Tubulin beta-6 chain GROUP MEMBER Q9BUF5
Tubulin beta-2B chain GROUP MEMBER Q9BVA1

Target Relations

ChEMBL ID Pref Name Target Type
CHEMBL3832941 Tubulin alpha PROTEIN FAMILY
CHEMBL1848 Tubulin beta-2 chain SINGLE PROTEIN
CHEMBL3832942 Tubulin beta PROTEIN FAMILY
CHEMBL5444 Tubulin beta-5 chain SINGLE PROTEIN
CHEMBL3885647 Tubulin alpha-1A /beta chains PROTEIN COMPLEX GROUP
CHEMBL3797011 Tubulin alpha-1C chain SINGLE PROTEIN
CHEMBL3797010 Tubulin alpha-1B chain SINGLE PROTEIN
CHEMBL3797012 Tubulin beta-2A chain SINGLE PROTEIN
CHEMBL3838 Tubulin beta-4 chain SINGLE PROTEIN
CHEMBL2597 Tubulin beta-3 chain SINGLE PROTEIN
CHEMBL1915 Tubulin beta-1 chain SINGLE PROTEIN
CHEMBL3661 Tubulin alpha-3 chain SINGLE PROTEIN

Approved Drugs and Clinical Candidates

ChEMBL ID Name Mechanism of Action Max Phase References
CHEMBL428647 PACLITAXEL Tubulin inhibitor 4 DailyMed
CHEMBL107 COLCHICINE Tubulin inhibitor 4 DailyMed PubMed
CHEMBL378544 VINBLASTINE SULFATE Tubulin inhibitor 4 DailyMed
CHEMBL501867 VINCRISTINE SULFATE Tubulin inhibitor 4 DailyMed PubMed
CHEMBL538943 VINORELBINE TARTRATE Tubulin inhibitor 4 DailyMed PubMed PubMed
CHEMBL1201748 CABAZITAXEL Tubulin inhibitor 4 DailyMed
CHEMBL1201752 IXABEPILONE Tubulin inhibitor 4 DailyMed PubMed
CHEMBL1683544 ERIBULIN MESYLATE Tubulin inhibitor 4 DailyMed PubMed
CHEMBL1742994 BRENTUXIMAB VEDOTIN Tubulin inhibitor 4 DailyMed PubMed PubMed
CHEMBL1743082 TRASTUZUMAB EMTANSINE Tubulin inhibitor 4 DailyMed DailyMed PubMed PubMed PubMed
CHEMBL2110725 VINFLUNINE Tubulin inhibitor 4 PubMed
CHEMBL3545252 DOCETAXEL Tubulin inhibitor 4 FDA
CHEMBL1096380 PLINABULIN Tubulin inhibitor 3 PubMed
CHEMBL2108628 PACLITAXEL POLIGLUMEX Tubulin stabiliser 3 PubMed
CHEMBL3545132 MIRVETUXIMAB SORAVTANSINE Tubulin inhibitor 3 PubMed
CHEMBL289351 FOSBRETABULIN DISODIUM Tubulin inhibitor 2 PubMed PubMed
CHEMBL492399 VERUBULIN Tubulin disrupting agent 2 PubMed
CHEMBL552212 LEXIBULIN Tubulin inhibitor 2 PubMed
CHEMBL2103826 DAVUNETIDE Tubulin stabiliser 2 PubMed PubMed
CHEMBL2105643 FOSBRETABULIN TROMETHAMINE Tubulin disrupting agent 2 PubMed
CHEMBL2304041 SAGOPILONE Tubulin stabiliser 2 PubMed
CHEMBL49642 INDIBULIN Tubulin inhibitor 1 PubMed
CHEMBL2103852 CROLIBULIN Tubulin inhibitor 1 PubMed

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