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Target Name and Classification

Target ID CHEMBL4326
Preferred Name Fatty acid transport protein 2
Synonyms ACSVL1 | FACVL1 | FATP-2 | FATP2 | Fatty acid transport protein 2 | Fatty-acid-coenzyme A ligase, very long-chain 1 | Long-chain-fatty-acid--CoA ligase | SLC27A2 | Solute carrier family 27 member 2 | THCA-CoA ligase | VLACS | VLACS | VLCS | Very long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase | Very long-chain-fatty-acid-CoA ligase
Organism Homo sapiens
Species Group No
Protein Target Classification
  • transporter > electrochemical transporter > slc superfamily of solute carriers > slc27 family of fatty acid transporters

Target Components

Component Description Relationship Accession
Very long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase SINGLE PROTEIN O14975

Target Associated Bioactivities

Target Associated Assays

Target Ligand Efficiencies

Target Associated Compound Properties

Target Cross References - Gene

Array Express ENSG00000140284
Ensembl ENSG00000140284
GO Cellular Component GO:0005778 (peroxisomal membrane)
GO:0005782 (peroxisomal matrix)
GO:0005789 (endoplasmic reticulum membrane)
GO:0016021 (integral to membrane)
GO Molecular Function GO:0004467 (long-chain fatty acid-CoA ligase activity)
GO:0005524 (ATP binding)
GO:0050197 (phytanate-CoA ligase activity)
GO:0070251 (pristanate-CoA ligase activity)
GO Biological Process GO:0001561 (fatty acid alpha-oxidation)
GO:0006699 (bile acid biosynthetic process)
Wikipedia SLC27A2

Target Cross References - Protein

Human Protein Atlas ENSG00000140284
IntAct O14975
Guide to Pharmacology 1109 (Fatty acid transport protein 2)
PharmGKB PA27971
Reactome REACT_22258 (Metabolism of lipids and lipoproteins.)
UniProt A8K2J7 O14975 Q53FY6

Target Cross References - Domain

InterPro IPR000873 (AMP-dep_Synth/Lig.)
IPR020845 (AMP-binding_CS.)
Pfam PF00501 (AMP-binding)