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Target Name and Classification

Target ID CHEMBL2783
Preferred Name Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 regulatory subunit 1
Synonyms CDK5 activator 1 | CDK5R | CDK5R1 | Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activator 1 | Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activator 1, p25 | Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activator 1, p35 | Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 regulatory subunit 1 | NCK5A | TPKII regulatory subunit | Tau protein kinase II 23 kDa subunit | p23 | p25 | p35
Organism Homo sapiens
Species Group No
Protein Target Classification
  • enzyme > kinase > protein kinase regulatory subunit

Target Components

Component Description Relationship Accession
Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activator 1 SINGLE PROTEIN Q15078

Target Relations

ChEMBL ID Pref Name Target Type
CHEMBL1907600 Cyclin-dependent kinase 5/CDK5 activator 1 PROTEIN COMPLEX

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Target Cross References - Gene

Array Express ENSG00000176749
Ensembl ENSG00000176749
GO Cellular Component GO:0005634 (nucleus)
GO:0005654 (nucleoplasm)
GO:0005737 (cytoplasm)
GO:0005829 (cytosol)
GO:0005874 (microtubule)
GO:0005886 (plasma membrane)
GO:0014069 (postsynaptic density)
GO:0016020 (membrane)
GO:0016533 (cyclin-dependent protein kinase 5 holoenzyme complex)
GO:0030424 (axon)
GO:0030425 (dendrite)
GO:0030426 (growth cone)
GO:0031594 (neuromuscular junction)
GO:0043005 (neuron projection)
GO:0043025 (neuronal cell body)
GO:0043197 (dendritic spine)
GO:0043231 (intracellular membrane-bounded organelle)
GO:0043292 (contractile fiber)
GO:0045298 (tubulin complex)
GO:0048471 (perinuclear region of cytoplasm)
GO Molecular Function GO:0002020 (protease binding)
GO:0003779 (actin binding)
GO:0004672 (protein kinase activity)
GO:0005509 (calcium ion binding)
GO:0005515 (protein binding)
GO:0016301 (kinase activity)
GO:0016534 (cyclin-dependent protein kinase 5 activator activity)
GO:0019901 (protein kinase binding)
GO:0035255 (ionotropic glutamate receptor binding)
GO:0043014 (alpha-tubulin binding)
GO:0043539 (protein serine/threonine kinase activator activity)
GO:0045296 (cadherin binding)
GO:0046875 (ephrin receptor binding)
GO:0048487 (beta-tubulin binding)
GO:0051015 (actin filament binding)
GO Biological Process GO:0000079 (regulation of cyclin-dependent protein serine/threonine kinase activity)
GO:0000226 (microtubule cytoskeleton organization)
GO:0001764 (neuron migration)
GO:0007158 (neuron cell-cell adhesion)
GO:0007213 (G-protein coupled acetylcholine receptor signaling pathway)
GO:0007411 (axon guidance)
GO:0007413 (axonal fasciculation)
GO:0007420 (brain development)
GO:0008283 (cell proliferation)
GO:0009792 (embryo development ending in birth or egg hatching)
GO:0016241 (regulation of macroautophagy)
GO:0018105 (peptidyl-serine phosphorylation)
GO:0018107 (peptidyl-threonine phosphorylation)
GO:0021549 (cerebellum development)
GO:0021722 (superior olivary nucleus maturation)
GO:0021766 (hippocampus development)
GO:0021799 (cerebral cortex radially oriented cell migration)
GO:0021819 (layer formation in cerebral cortex)
GO:0030182 (neuron differentiation)
GO:0030517 (negative regulation of axon extension)
GO:0031116 (positive regulation of microtubule polymerization)
GO:0031175 (neuron projection development)
GO:0032956 (regulation of actin cytoskeleton organization)
GO:0035235 (ionotropic glutamate receptor signaling pathway)
GO:0042501 (serine phosphorylation of STAT protein)
GO:0043525 (positive regulation of neuron apoptotic process)
GO:0045664 (regulation of neuron differentiation)
GO:0045860 (positive regulation of protein kinase activity)
GO:0045892 (negative regulation of transcription, DNA-templated)
GO:0048013 (ephrin receptor signaling pathway)
GO:0048511 (rhythmic process)
GO:0061001 (regulation of dendritic spine morphogenesis)
GO:0070507 (regulation of microtubule cytoskeleton organization)
GO:0071158 (positive regulation of cell cycle arrest)
GO:0071902 (positive regulation of protein serine/threonine kinase activity)
GO:0090314 (positive regulation of protein targeting to membrane)
GO:1901796 (regulation of signal transduction by p53 class mediator)
Wikipedia CDK5R1

Target Cross References - Protein

canSAR Q15078
Human Protein Atlas ENSG00000176749
IntAct Q15078
Open Targets ENSG00000176749
PharmGKB PA26311
Reactome R-HSA-399956 (CRMPs in Sema3A signaling.)
R-HSA-6804756 (Regulation of TP53 Activity through Phosphorylation.)
R-HSA-8862803 (Deregulated CDK5 triggers multiple neurodegenerative pathways in Alzheimer's disease models.)
UniProt E1P664 Q15078 Q5U0G3

Target Cross References - Domain

InterPro IPR004944 (CDK5_activator.)
IPR036915 (Cyclin-like_sf.)
Pfam PF03261 (CDK5_activator)

Target Cross References - Structure