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Target Report Card

Target Name and Classification

Target ID CHEMBL2608
Preferred Name Lysosomal alpha-glucosidase
Synonyms 70 kDa lysosomal alpha-glucosidase | 76 kDa lysosomal alpha-glucosidase | Acid maltase | Aglucosidase alfa | GAA | Lysosomal alpha-glucosidase
Organism Homo sapiens
Species Group No
Protein Target Classification
  • enzyme > hydrolase

Target Components

Component Description Relationship Accession
Lysosomal alpha-glucosidase SINGLE PROTEIN P10253

Approved Drugs

ChEMBL ID Name Mechanism of Action References
CHEMBL1561 MIGLITOL Lysosomal alpha-glucosidase inhibitor DailyMed PubMed

Target Associated Bioactivities

Target Associated Assays

Target Ligand Efficiencies

Target Associated Compound Properties

Target Cross References - Gene

Array Express ENSG00000171298
Ensembl ENSG00000171298
GO Cellular Component GO:0005765 (lysosomal membrane)
GO Molecular Function GO:0030246 (carbohydrate binding)
GO:0032450 (maltose alpha-glucosidase activity)
GO Biological Process GO:0002086 (diaphragm contraction)
GO:0005980 (glycogen catabolic process)
GO:0007040 (lysosome organization)
GO:0043181 (vacuolar sequestering)
GO:0043587 (tongue morphogenesis)
GO:0055010 (ventricular cardiac muscle tissue morphogenesis)
GO:0060048 (cardiac muscle contraction)
Wikipedia Acid_alpha-glucosidase

Target Cross References - Protein

CGD Glycogen storage disease II
Human Protein Atlas ENSG00000171298
IntAct P10253
Guide to Pharmacology 2611 (glucosidase, alpha; acid)
PharmGKB PA28476
UniProt P10253 Q09GN4 Q14351 Q16302 Q8IWE7

Target Cross References - Domain

InterPro IPR000322 (Glyco_hydro_31.)
IPR000519 (P_trefoil.)
IPR011013 (Glyco_hydro-type_carb-bd.)
IPR017853 (Glycoside_hydrolase_SF.)
IPR017957 (P_trefoil_CS.)
Pfam PF00088 (Trefoil)
PF01055 (Glyco_hydro_31)